Leonardo Favre, 40
Front-End Developer
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

português english

Recent work


I have worked as a Graphic Designer for seven years before I made the change to Front‑End Development. In 2015, I finished a certificate program in UX Design, which now, along with my working experience, allows me to be part of stages of development that go beyond the code.

I can travel between the Design’s subjectivity and the programming objectivity, enabling better communication between the two areas, without losing focus on the final product and the user.

For the past years, my activities include, but are not limited to:

  • HTML and CSS coding using BEM methodology;
  • Layout adaptation from fixed to responsive, taking into consideration both technical and aesthetic aspects of the product;
  • Development of an automation system for newsletters programming;
  • Development of an open source Javascript library;
  • Documentation of programming style guidelines;
  • Components specification with functional prototypes and documentation;
  • Conception and moderation of usability tests with users;
  • Automation of tasks using Grunt, Gulp and NPM scripts;
  • Development of Wordpress themes from scratch.